Government of the Kingdom of Kitezh
Kitezh is ruled by a king. Since Aubric's death 5 years before game start, the kingdom is ruled by a triumvirate. Before Aubric, there was Mikhail.

Local Government
Northlands Each village has its own Jarl, or local head-man. Sebastopol's purpose in the North is generally to travel from village to village, making sure people are generally healthy, settling disputes the local Jarl can't handle, carrying out executions if necessary. He is also a favored guest at weddings, feasts, and the ritual sacrifice of animals to the gods. He is generally allowed to kill the sacrificial animal if present.

The Heart The Heart of Kitezh, including the Heart City, is ruled by the fortress and Ithunn. There are plenty of small, local villages with local elders, but big disputes and overall governance all come to Ithunn (or whoever is king/ruling the Heart). The Heart city is large and bustling, but beyond the city is all farmland and small villages.

Lowlands Local government is similar to the Heart, but there are only two major cities (the rest are just holdings).

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