For centuries, the warriors of Kitezh were known for their Viking-like raids, in which they sailed to new shores and shadows, killing all who opposed them and plundering the lands for riches. About 200 years before game start, Mikhail, then king of the Kitezhka, unified the warring clans of Kitezh and formed an armada to attack Amber. Oberon sent Gerard to meet this challenge. Amber won the battle at sea, with Gerard throwing many Kitezh warriors, including Mikhail, to their watery deaths. Oberon then recognized Mikhail's son Aubric, shortcutting the other Thanes, and gave him the throne of Kitezh on the condition that Aubric modernize his kingdom.

Aubric reigned for more than 200 years, meeting Oberon's terms: Trade and learning flourished in the more populated areas of Kitezh, and Kitezhka sailors turned to trade and exploration instead of conquest.

Aubric died 5 few years before game start. On his death, he split his kingdom between his three children: Ithunn, his youngest and only daughter, rules the civilized Heart of Kitezh; Sebastopol rules the frozen North; Viktor, the eldest, the watery Lowlands, yet the three are part of the one Kingdom of Kitezh.


In Summary: During the next several years the eldest child, Thane Viktor, orchestrated a coup and without too much trouble convinced his siblings to cede to him. He became King Viktor 1 of Kitezh. Under his rule, the kingdom was reunited and became stronger.

Unfortunately, the Black Road reached into Kitezh. It sunk deep enough into the land to touch and then taint Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent along with a number of other monsters. This sparked a change that should have been very far in the future, and the signs of Ragnerok appeared. They not only appeared, but were greatly accelerated. In the end it all happened as foretold and the old gods were killed in the final battle.

While this battle was happening, all the people of Kitezh did what they could to survive or at least to get their loved ones to the shore and onto ships so they might escape. They were aided by friends from other realms, and Amber in particular. Viktor, aided by Random and Benedict, was at the final battle of the gods. Before his death at the hands of Fenrir, Odin bestowed divinity upon Viktor and sent him flying across the land to the harbor. Viktor's new role as a young Aesir was to guide and guard the remains of the Kitezhka as they sailed off to find a new home. As many as possible were saved, and as they left the shadow it was consumed by the fire of Surtr.

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