Magic And Religion

Local magics flourish in Kitezh, mainly under the guidance of crones in the scattered villages.

The bloodline of Kitezh brings with it a special kind of magic: Those in whom the blood runs true are said to be the chosen of the Valkyrie, fearsome warriors who are destined to rise after death in battle until they are worthy of Valhalla and the final battle, Ragnarok.

Those of the blood are also said to be able to sing songs that please the spirits of the sea and allow the Kitezhka to navigate the waters of shadow.

Not all Kitezh citizens have these powers—the bloodlines have thinned over the years. Those who do have the power tend to rise in society, no matter what their backgrounds are.

Gods and Religion
The Kitezh gods and goddesses are those of the Norse pantheon. Use of the gods is optional—players cannot be forced to interact with the Kitezh gods at any time, and the gods *can* be defeated by PCs.

If you want to call on the gods in RP, please first get a +token from the propco:

Tokens must be used to represent some action taken by the Gods of Kitezh, who roughly follow the Norse pantheon. The god should be declared as part of the Token, and then the token used in a fashion appropriate to the god. The god's impact is usually either a color effect or a level 10 challenge.
Players are expected to respect the color of these tokens within Kitezh, but beyond that they are purely opt-in. These tokens are useless outside of Kitezh.

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