Kitezh is based on Norse society, and as such we are a land of warrriors, where might makes right. Kitezh men from all walks of life carrry arms. (See the Technology section for specific information on arms and armor.)

In Kitezh society, deals are sealed with a handshake, and a person's word of honor has meaning. Oaths are particularly important, and are often sworn on rings or swords. In particular, men swear oaths to the local warlord, thane, and king that they follow, and that lord, in turn, bestows gifts (arm bands, rings, chains of office, precious stones, gold) to reward loyalty and service.

The Kitezh pride themselves on their hospitality to guests. In practical terms, this means that the host or hostess would never insult a guest in their house (eg, by implying that they are a coward or challenging them); a host would never fight or kill a guest, even if that guest was their sworn enemy.

Role of Women
Women in Kitezh largely follow traditional roles, raising children and having responsibility for the household and the household purse strings. There are a small number of women warrriors in society, but most women are expected to take up domestic duties.

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