Technology, Trade, Weaponry

Technology in Kitezh is limited to the Viking era (bronze and iron), with a few innovations from Amber and other shadows used mainly in the Heart.

Natural resources of the kingdom include gold, lumber, ice, animal products, and wheat. Kitezh exports lumber, gold, dried meats, hair-on reindeer and pony hides, cured leather goods, especially from the North. Ship building and fine craftsmanship are the businesses of the Heart; ship repair and lumber trade are the domain of the Lowlands. Whaling is a thriving industry in all of Kitezh, and whale products are put to many uses.

Time flow is the same as Amber.


According to custom, all free Kitezhka men are required to own weapons. These arms are indicative of man's social status: A wealthy Kitezhka warrior will have a complete ensemble of a helmet, shield, chainmail shirt, and animal-skin coat, among various other armaments. A lesser off man, however, may only be able to afford a single weapon and perhaps a shield.

The spear and shield are the most basic armaments of the Kitezhka warrior; most would probably also wear a knife. As an alternative, or perhaps in addition to the spear, a man might carry a bow or axe. The wealthiest and most important (such as Thanes and Jarls) wear a sword in addition to their primary arms and have access to body armor, such as a helmet and a mail hauberk.

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